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For hundreds of years, smoke has been used to preserve the shelf life of many foods, particularly meat. As culinary desires and outdoor living amenities have changed, so has grilling and smoking. With the introduction of charcoal, propane and gas grills, as well as the evolution of the extended kitchen into the outdoors, grilling and smoking foods with gourmet smoking wood has become even more popular, even a passion for many.

You don't have to own expensive grilling or smoking equipment to enjoy the benefits of smoked foods. Any conventional grilling system will allow the opportunity to smoke.

All that is needed is a container for the smoke, a source for the smoke and the food item(s) to smoke. That's it!

SmokinLicious originated to provide you, the consumer, with the best heartwood core wood chunks and wood chips from the well known trees of Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania. We specialize in selecting only those woods that are designed for making smoke (High Moisture). Our Wild Cherry, Sugar Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Northern Hickory, Eastern Alder, and Beechwood barbecue woods are some of the best in the world because of the seasonal
moisture changes the wood endures. The result for you - the best smoked meat, fish, and poultry you'll ever taste! Our woods will allow you to duplicate Authentic American Barbecue!

The heartwood core that we utilize is shown within the square on this cut piece of tree.

"Our Products Are All Barbecue No Bark"

Priority United States Postal carriage charges are included in our Prices to all locations (Average shipping time is 6-10 days. All shipments will originate from Olean, New York USA)

For a quote on quicker shipping please call our office at: (USA) 00-1-800-941-5054 Please Email directly from other international locations.

Smokinlicious Gourmet Wood Products
participates in a reforestation program.
During the year over 1,250 saplings
have been planted through our related nursery.
Smokinlicious Gourmet Wood Products is
committed to renewal of our natural resource.

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