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About Our "Naturally" Organic Wood

Wood Chunks and Wood Chips

In this world of choice, many people have adopted the lifestyle of purchasing foods and products that are "all natural" or organic-based. SmokinLicious adheres to the philosophy of "all natural" by providing gourmet wood products that have never been exposed to chemical spraying. We only harvest woods from the trees of Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania that are in their natural state - forest woods, left to mature on their own, without exposure to chemical contaminants and/or growth enhancers. From these trees, we select only the heartwood - the filet of the tree- to manufacture our smoking woods.

Our gourmet woods are always bark free! This assures our customers that our woods are free of contaiminents such as mold, spores, and insect infestations, that can develop in orchard producing woods or rapid-growth nursery locations.

Smoking works by using low heat to make smoke as wood smolders, imparting a smoky flavour. Water, alcohol infused, or other liquid-infused Wood Chunks or Wood Chips are distributed among the coals or within a smoking box allowing for an enhanced flavour. When using a grill, the heat and smoke from the wood slowly penetrates and flavours the cooking food item. The result - some of the best barbecue you will ever taste!

Learn more about the natural wood we use in all our gourmet wood products:

smoke video

Smokinlicious makes every effort to help you pair the right food item with the right gourmet grilling wood (see our Culinary Aspects of Smoking section to aid your wood selection), providing the opportunity for flavourings from the very sweet to the very bold. We even offer user-friendly fire starters to help you get the barbecue going.



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