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SmokinLicious® Friction Logs - Smoke generation through Friction!

Timber which is pressed against a fast-rotating steel drum results in pyrolysis of the wood in the favorable temperature range of 300°C to 400°C. The flame less, light, dense and aromatic smoke contains a large proportion of desirable smoking substances and a low proportion of tars. The smoke is conveyed into the smoking chamber. The creation of smoke can be commenced and completed in a matter of seconds. The operation of this type of smoke generators is usually carried out in a discontinuous manner. The smoke quantity and quality can be regulated by changing the speed and time of rotation. As this type of smoke can be produced at relatively low temperatures, it does not carry high amounts of hazardous substances.

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"Friction logs"

We manufacturer our "Friction logs" in Oak, ( red or white), Wild Cherry, Sugar Maple, Hickory, Ash, Alder and North America Beechwood

Available in any custom size for your application, or the standard sizes:

40 x 40 x 950mm or 1m
80 x 80 x 950mm or 1 m
80 x 100 x 950mm or 1 m

All orders custom cut to meet your specifications.

Custom Moisture levels can be developed for your application.

Products carry USDA export certification.

Please call 16-800-941-5054,

or e mail us at info@smokinlicious.co.uk for more information and pricing.

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