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Gourmet Wood Block Table

Smokinlicous is proud to offer the highest quality round butcher block individually handcrafted of 100% solid Maple hardwood. Each is designed with the signature cross-cut table block and is a truly unique addition to any barbecue enthusiast's culinary tools. Weighing approximately 22 kg with a 61 cm diameter, each butcher block comes with an adjustable table stand that allows for easy transport and storage. Maintenance of your butcher block consists of a monthly application of boiled oil such as linseed, mineral or olive oil to prevent the wood from drying out. The surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth for fruits and vegetables, or with a mild soap and water following preparation of meats, fish and dairy items. A slice of lemon rubbed over the surface will kill any bacteria. Imagine how heads will turn with barbecue prepared on this wonderful table!!

The price for the Gourmet Wood Block Table is ??.??. Due to the weight of the product shipping is not included. Please contact our office at 1-800-941-5054 or info@smokinlicious.ca so that we may calculate the shipping cost.

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