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SmokinLicious Gourmet Wood Products is the only Company to record the moisture level of their wood products at the time of packaging. We have found through extensive testing See The Winning Edge that the moisture level is key to the smoking results and we believe the consumer should know!

Because the amount of wood used by an individual will vary, this table is intended to assist the user on the need to re-hydrate wood. The information is only a guide. Soaking of gourmet wood products can be done at any time, at the discretion of the user, and is generally dependent on the conditions of wood storage (i.e.) temperature of storage area, humidity level, elimination of direct sunlight, air venting allowances.

% of Moisture

Level of Moisture Re-Hydration Recommended Re-Hydration Outcome
Above 30% Very High No Premium
25% to 29.9% High No Excellent
20% to 24.9% Moderate No Very Good
15.9% to 19.9% Stable Yes - 30 minutes Good
10% to 14.9% Low Yes - 6-8 hours Fair
5% to 9.9% Extremely Low Yes - overnight Poor to Fair

Smokinlicious Gourmet Wood Products start with a moisture level that generally does not require re-hydration. This is due to five (5) primary reasons:

> We use only 100% bark-free hardwoods
> We use only the heartwood (i.e.) the main artery of the tree
> We Phytosanitize our products according to USDA standards to Export our products
> We never kiln-dry our woods for the USA or International Markets
> We control the volume of wood per package (i.e. 1 cubic foot maximum packaged) to
maintain freshness and hydration
> We utilize specific packaging that is compatible with retention of moisture while allowing
for necessary air circulation to prevent spoiling

As always, Dr Smoke and the culinary crew are available to answer all questions concerning wood conditions at info@smokinlicious.com or 1-800-941-5054.



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