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Culinary Services for the Retail Market

SmokinLicious Gourmet Wood Products offers the retail market a variety of options to assist in the successful sale of our gourmet wood product line. OurSmokinLicious Training Assistants can work with you by providing the following services:

  • Assistance with product display in your retail showroom.
  • "Customized" display racks that are not only a visual draw but fit the size of your specific retail operation.

Display materials that provide explanations on:

  • Why SmokinLicious hardwoods are a better choice.
  • Product application with various grilling/smoking equipment.

Match Your Cooker

  • Food compatibility charts that match the correct hardwood with a specific food.
  • Hands-on culinary demonstrations to demonstrate exactly how the gourmet product line is used with specific equipment.
  • Dr Smoke culinary demonstrations to the public to allow them to sample various foods. *Cooked on the grill/smoker products your specific store carries.
  • a toll-free number 1-800-941-5054 for"Dr. Smoke's" online information center.



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