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Baked Fish in the Swimming Position(Serves 4-6)

whole lake trout, salmon, or other fish, 8-14 inches long
4-6 Tablespoons of butter, melted
4-6 Tablespoons of grade B maple syrup (if cooking salmon)
4 Tablespoons of Smokin' in the Igloo Rub
4 oz. white wine, or other liquid, warmed (optional)
1 Smokinlicious Swimming Fish Plank

Preheat the BBQ to 350F.
Melt butter (with maple syrup added if cooking a salmon) in saucepan and set aside. This mixture can be applied with either a basting brush or using a spray bottle. The whole fish, with the head and tail, should be fresh or completely thawed, cleaned, scaled, and washed thoroughly with cold water. Thoroughly dry the outside of the fish and carefully blot the inside cavity with a paper towel. Season the cavity of the fish with Smokin' in the Igloo rub. Place the fish on the dry Smokinlicious Swimming Fish Plank, arranging the fish into the swimming position, by curving the tail of the fish around, for a more dramatic effect. Use the "pegs" as supplied with the plank to hold your fish in the desired position. Place buttered aluminum foil onto the head, tail, and around the fins of the fish, and fill the flavour pockets of the plank with warmed wine, or other liquid. Some Smokin' in the Igloo rub can be added with the liquid to the flavour pockets, in order to add more flavour to the fish. Brush the fish with the melted butter, or if cooking a salmon, the butter/maple syrup combination. Place the fish onto the preheated cooker. Cook the fish for approximately 12 to 15 minutes per each inch of thickness of the fish. Brush the fish with melted butter or butter/maple syrup mixture onto the fish a few times during the cooking process. Ensure that the liquid in the "flavour pockets" is replenished as needed.

The fish may be served upon completion of the cooking, with the skin on, or the following steps may be taken to remove the skin from the fish prior to serving. During the last few minutes of scheduled cooking, remove the fish from the cooker, and refill the "flavour pockets" on the plank. Cover the entire plank, fish and all, loosely with aluminum foil, leaving a lot of air space around the fish to create a type of steam chamber. Place back into the cooker. After about 5-8 minutes, remove the plank from the cooker and set aside, keeping the fish warm. The steam from the liquid on the plank will soften the skin of the fish, allowing it to be removed easily. Remove the foil wrapping as well as the foil from the head and tail. Peal away skin on the sides of the fish. If a salmon was used, scrape away the dark fatty layer adhering to the flesh of the fish. Brush the fish liberally with the butter or butter/maple syrup mixture. Sprinkle liberally with Smokin' in the Igloo rub, being sure to fully cover the entire outside of the fish. Spray this "breading" with the reserved butter or butter/maple syrup mixture. Place the plank back on the cooker and continue to cook until the "breading" has crisped. The breading may be sprayed with the butter/maple syrup mixture as many times as desired during the final cooking phase - as long as the fish is cooked long enough to crisp the outside. Enjoy!

Submitted by: Adrienne Ross, Head Cook - Smokin' in the Igloo BBQ Team



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